Abortion Activists Define Their Agenda, In Their Own Words.

On Tuesday, the Center for Reproductive Rights, on behalf of the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, has taken legal action to strike down recently passed SB 2305, which requires that abortionists have local hospital admitting privileges.  The bill is scheduled to take effect on August 1, 2013.

The 2013 legislature in discussing and passing SB 2305 fully understood the medical procedure involved in an abortion, and determined for the safety and well-being of the woman seeking an abortion the itinerant physician should have admitting privileges at a local hospital.  If a complication were to occur as a result of the procedure, this arrangement would provide the very best in a continuance of care for the woman.

In a press release from the Center for Reproductive Rights, they say to the state, (you) “don’t care about your (the woman’s) health; (you) don’t care about your (the woman’s) safety”.   Wait a minute, the bill provides for a continuum of care for a medical procedure for a woman, and they are opposing the bill because of health and safety???  They say this is an attack on the women of your state.  To provide greater medical care for women is an attack on women???

Nancy Northup, Center for Reproductive Rights goes on, “we are going to keep the full range of reproductive health care safe, legal, and accessible to all women”  First, SB 2305 does not address the ‘legal’ or ‘accessible’ issues, and only enhances the ‘safety’ factor.  Do they really believe that North Dakotans, and especially women, are going to buy such a disingenuous argument?

Subtly, or not subtly nestled into the statement is ‘full range of reproductive health care’.   That statement coupled with another by Autumn Katz, staff attorney at the Center and lead attorney on the case, where Katz references the “protected right to an abortion”, provides a clear understanding of the abortion activist agenda.  The ‘full range’ and ‘right to an abortion’ equate to ‘abortion on demand’.  Their agenda seeks an absolute right to abortion with no limitation or regulation.

Bearing out this agenda of an absolute ‘abortion on demand’ in all instances, the Center will also litigate HB 1305 which prohibits an abortion in conjunction with sex selection or genetic abnormality.  In other words, the Center and Red River Women’s Clinic approve of selectively terminating the life of an unborn baby because he/she is not the right gender or the unborn may have a genetic abnormality such as Down’s syndrome.

According to the press release, quote “Our message back to politicians….is crystal clear…”  Yes, your message is crystal clear.  It seeks absolute abortion on demand in all instances.  Even in light of the explicit testimony of the horrendous atrocities committed by Gosnell in Philadelphia, their agenda remains the same-no limitation or regulation on abortion.

This agenda is not shared by the people of North Dakota.  That is not who we are.  Who in North Dakota favors selectively taking the life of an unborn baby because he/she is not the right sex?  Who would want to withhold a continuum of health care in the event of complications with a medical procedure?  Even those who consider themselves to be neither fully pro-life or pro-abortion cannot agree to this extreme, radical agenda.

In their own words they have defined who they are and their agenda.  They failed to mention the unborn, even once.  They say they are for the ‘women’s rights’, but are they really?  They mention ‘constitutional and human rights’, but do not apply these human rights to the unborn.  Their agenda becomes clearer each day.

Desperate times require desperate measures.  It would appear the absolute ‘abortion on demand’ industry is sensing the overwhelming  ‘sea change’ of support for the human rights of the unborn, and are willing to employ desperate measures.  These desperate measures calling our ‘politicians hostile’ will not intimidate us or the cause to stand for the most vulnerable among us -the unborn, nor the real well-being and safety of women.

To read the press release from the Center for Reproductive Rights, in conjunction with the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo,  click here to read the press release from the CRR

Contact the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Red River Women’s Clinic–tell them (in truth, grace, and love) that we do not agree with their agenda, and will not be intimidated, and will not stand down.